Focus and Scope

The journal seeks to publish original, quality research papers in all areas of teaching English as a second or foreign language. The journal, therefore, accepts submissions on all aspects and issues relating to the teaching and learning of English in ESL settings. It welcomes contributions not only from senior teachers, but also from researchers and scholars in their early years of their career.

Each submission will be evaluated for its suitability for publication in terms of the following criteria.

The article should:
  • Reflect current theories and practices in English language teaching.
  • Be relevant and appeal to the wide readership of the journal.
  • Be well written and organized, with sufficient explanation and examples to enable readers to apply the ideas and insights in their own classes.
  • Discuss the topic in the context of other work related to the topic.
  • Be written in clear and concise language, making it easy to read.
The journal publishes the following types of articles:
  • Full-length research papers, both theoretical and experimental
  • Reports of research work in progress
  • Action research reports addressing problems and challenges faced in classroom teaching
  • Good practices with theoretical underpinnings for sharing
  • Evidence-based, concrete suggestions for improving teaching-learning and teacher education and training practices
  • Book reviews.
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