Guide for Reviewers

Reviewers are required to evaluate the manuscripts and provide useful comments to help the authors improve the quality of the manuscript and make one of the following recommendations about the manuscript:

  • Accept [The manuscript will be sent the editor for editing.]
  • Requires minor revisions [The manuscript will have to be sent back to the author(s) for making changes suggested by the reviewer.]
  • Requires major revisions [The manuscript will have to be sent back to the author(s) for making substantial changes suggested by the reviewer. The manuscript may be considered for further review after a major revision.]
  • Reject [The manuscript is considered not suitable for further processing. The reviewer is required to provide specific reasons why the manuscript is rejected.]


  • Does this article present and/or discuss issues that are important and relevant to the teaching and learning of English in an ESL/EFL context?
  • Is the title clear, short and appropriate for the content of the article?
  • Is the abstract brief, clear, inclusive and consistent with the content of the article?
  • Is the introduction relevant, meaningful and purposeful?
  • Is the literature review relevant to the article and focussed?
  • Does the article establish a clear rationale for the study and state the problem clearly?
  • Are the techniques and tools used appropriate for the study?
  • Are the results clearly presented and discussed?
  • Are the findings based on a robust analysis of the data and clearly presented?
  • Are the conclusions appropriate and reasonable, and linked to other studies on the topic?
  • Are implications of the findings discussed in the article?
  • Are the references appropriate, current, sufficient and consistent with in-text citations?